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From waste to new fibres


Cherish the resources we have today

A technology company focusing on developing
sustainable processes for recycling textiles
in order to more efficiently use the resources we have today.

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Recent press releases
  • “Framtidens tyg är svenskt, smart och snällt” by Veckans Affärer

    Carl-Axel Fall writes in the renowned Swedish magazine Veckans Affärer that as the global population continues to grow there will be an increased demand on textiles. There is today a necessity in increasing a circular textile production where you recycle textiles and sustainable textiles are produced. re:newcell is in this...
  • “Re:newcell is Ready to Scale its Fabric-Upcycling Process” by Sourcing Journal

    re:newcell is once again mentioned in an article in Sourcing Journal. This time the article focuses on the fact that re:newcell is ready to upscale its production and will have need of textile wastes to be recycled. The article is based on a speech that Henrik Norlin made in New York...
  • re:newcell implements an ancient forest friendly sourcing policy

    re:newcell is happy to announce that the company has implemented a business policy for protecting ancient and endangered forests. By providing an alternative recycled raw material to the dissolving pulp industry, re:newcell will reduce the demand for wood fiber and thereby help protect intact forests and the animals that live...
  • “Could High Tech Fabrics Transform Fashion’s Impact on Climate Change?” by The Huffington Post

    Earlier this month, the Huffington Post UK released an interesting article concerning the amount of textiles consumed today, the amount of resources used to produce this amount of textiles and what is being done to decrease the amount of waste. For instance, the author mentioned that the global apparel industry will during the...
  • “Are Closed Loop Textiles the Future of Fashion?” by Sourcing Journal

    Lyndsay McGregor has written an article for Sourcing Journal where she highlights the importance of a sustainable fashion industry. She raises issues such as a need for change within the textile supply chain and to close the loop on textiles as textile production requires a large amount of natural resources and...
  • “Fashion chain H&M offers $1m recycling prize for reusable clothing” by The Guardian

    The Guardian wrote an interesting article concerning H&M's search of new alternative sustainable fibers. The article also highlights the issue of future fibre shortage as the global population continues to grow. re:newcell is mentioned in the article as a part of the solution of future fibre shortage. Click here to read...