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Another re:newcell garment has been made!

Another re:newcell garment has been made!

re:newcell is proud to announce that yet another garment has been made using re:newcell fibres! A white t-shirt was produced by Julia Aronsson and Stina Björquist as part of their bachelor thesis at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås. In the thesis, Julia and Stina focused on testing garments made from re:newcell fibres and compared them to a high qualitative reference fibre. The tests made on the re:newcell garment showed the fibres to be of good quality in areas such as dyestuff absorption; tenacity in both wet and dry condition and also in withstanding high abrasion.

The t-shirt was formerly blue jeans and consists of 100% of re:newcell fibres.

                                         renewcell t-shirt - Julia och Stinarenewcell t-shirt - Julia och Stina - nära