re:newcell Management

The people involved in re:newcell have a range of experiences within the cellulosic industry from an academic to entrepreneurial perspective. Through the combination of these experiences, the "man-power" within the business covers many areas and therefore strengthens the company as a whole.

Board of Directors

David SchelinDavid Schelin - Chairman
David has a background working with Business Development for large and small companies within various industry sectors such as Ericsson. David was the CEO for Ragn-Sells, which is a Swedish recycling company and has therefore previous knowledge in developing recycling businesses. David holds a M.Sc. from Chalmers University of Technology.




PerAniansson2016_249x149Per Aniansson – Board Member 
Per has a background in having CFO and CEO positions in various growth companies and has been active in more than 18 years within venture capital businesses and investment organisations. Per holds a M.Sc. from Chalmers University of Technology and an M.B.A. from Insead.




Mikael Lindström copy

Professor Mikael Lindström – Board Member Dean, School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering at KTH. Mikael has a background from the pulp industry as the manager of the Process Development Division at Kvaerner Pulping. Mikael is one of the two co-inventors of the Compact Cooking process.



Henrik prof picHenrik Norlin – Board Member
Henrik is involved in a number of technologycompanies on the verge of commercialisation. Other companies include Meva Energy and Cleanflow. Henrik holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Management from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


malcolmnorlin07Malcolm Norlin - Board Member 
Malcolm Norlin has 40 years of experience from the forestry and banking industry. During his 10 years as main owner and working Chairman of Domsjö Fabriker in Sweden, Mr. Norlin pioneered the concept of the modern Biorefinery, transforming a traditional paper pulp mill in to a producer of high margin specialty pulp and chemicals from cellulose. Malcolm holds an M.B.A. from Stanford University.

Professor Gunnar Henriksson, Professor of Wood Chemistry 
Gunnar has a background in basic research in cellulose and lignin. Has also been involved in biotechnological processing of flax fibres for textile purposes. Gunnar was also involved in the development of the enzymatic process for producing nano-cellulose which is being up-scaled by Borregaard in Norway.


Christofer Lindgren, Ph D
Christofer is one of the two co-inventors of the revolutionizing Compact Cooking process which now is the standard for all new pulp mills. Christofer is also responsible for the successful up-scaling of the CleanFlow green liquor filter.


Lennart Källén 
With more than 30 years within the Swedish forestry industry as production manager and project manager, Lennart has gained a vast amount of knowledge on paper- and sulphate plants' energy and flow balances and the chemical balances especially within sulphate plants.


Lennart Börjeson 

Lennart has experience from technology and process development mainly within the pulp industry. Lennart was one of the inventors that simplified the recycling process of cartons with liquid inside such as milk carton by technically extracting the liquid inside.


Per Olofsson 
Per is an entrepreneurial business professional with a strong track record of commercialising new technology in positions as both CEO and Board Member. He has raised more than USD 110 million in venture capital for innovative start-ups. Per holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University.


Johan Sundblad
Johan has extensive experience from the collection and recycling business with positions at IL Recycling, Metallvärden and Saica.


Louise Norlin
Louise has a B.A. in Business from Uppsala University and a M.A. in Global Management from Regent's University.