The Product



re:newcell produces a product similar to conventional dissolving pulp made from wood. Dissolving pulp is the raw material for a number of different products, however the main use for the pulp is production of textile fibres such as lyocell and viscose.

re:newcell’s process is currently focused on recycling textiles with a high cellulosic content. When receiving such feedstock, the process can produce a very high quality pulp at costs at par or below virgin dissolving pulp. Tests made on fibres produced from re:newcell pulp show high quality in areas such as tensile strength in both wet and dry condition; dyestuff absorption; and also in withstanding high abrasion.

Examples of potential customers of the recycled cellulose fibres are fibre producers of e.g. viscose and lyocell, as well as producers of dissolving pulp and non-woven products such as medical gowns, diapers and sponge cloths.